here it is.

Hey Friend!

I am going to call you friend, ok? I am going to talk to you as if you are sitting across from me at my kitchen table, or like we are tucked away in a corner of a pretentious little coffee shop. If we were meeting today, I would likely shift uncomfortably in the newness of the relationship and during silent pauses as we got to know each other. In those moments, I would say something completely random or awkward, in an attempt to steady my nerves. Something like “do you like the Korean boy band, BTS?”

You are probably here to learn about me. I would love to give you the highlight reel, however the highlight reel will only tell part of the story, and well, I have found that truth is the load-bearing wall of our existence. We need truth to bear the weight of our life experiences, and the weight of ourselves.

In a nutshell, this is what I do. I tell the truth, and I teach people to tell the truth. This may seem elementary, but you would be surprised how often we bury deep within us truth, pain and toxicity, and live a life of false narrative, sometimes through impressive theatrical performances I might add!

Why do we shy away from what is pure, painful and true within us? That is a good question. One of the best I know. This question is the foundation of my work, and the entry to emotional health and wellness.

Why does this matter? Friend, this is why; the degree to which you live in truth is the degree to which you are free.


And I want you to be free.


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